Allergisch auf Wimpernextensions

Allergic to eyelash extensions?

Your DIY eyelash extensions with our low-irritation adhesive SUPERBOND




Suitable for allergy sufferers, contact lens wearers and all sensitive eyes.

You were so excited about your new eyelashes. You waited for weeks for your appointment at the studio, lay still for two hours, finally fulfilled your dream of eyelash extensions and a few hours later the time has come: your eyes start to itch. Something feels uncomfortable. It doesn't get better and you take a look in the mirror. Are your eyes red and maybe you even notice a slight swelling?

This is what happens to many women around the world who have an allergy to cyanoacrylate . Like any other allergen, cyanoacrylate can cause an immediate reaction or appear suddenly during the next treatment after months of wearing eyelashes. Regardless of whether your allergy has just developed or you have always been sensitive: you are - rightly - disappointed. Do you really have to give up beautiful long eyelashes? No! Lashdreams has been specially developed for women who have an allergy related to eyelash extensions. Because I, the founder Sofie, also have very sensitive eyes that were red and watery for hours after every visit to the eyelash studio.

We want to give even the most sensitive eyes an opportunity to make their lash dreams come true and look stunning on every occasion.

Our eyelash glue SUPERBOND contains no cyanoacrylate, no latex and no formaldehyde. We count contact lens wearers, women with allergies - including to black dye - and sensitive eyes among our customers. So far there has been no feedback about intolerances. Please always check the ingredients if you are known to have allergies in this area.

If you want to be on the safe side and try out the glue beforehand, test it on the back of your hand and wait 24 hours - if everything is OK, you can apply the eyelash glue to your eyes with a clear conscience.

Have you applied your eyelash extensions and still notice that you don't feel comfortable? No problem! With our REMOVER you can remove your DIY eyelash extensions gently and gently within a few minutes. This will help you get rid of any eyelash glue residue in no time.

Do you have short eyelashes after eyelash extensions? This is also the case for many girls who have worn permanent eyelash extensions from the eyelash studio. Your own eyelashes are put under extreme strain by the weight of the permanently attached fake lashes. The result: they grow back thinner, break off or are accidentally torn out. So when you take off your eyelash extensions, you'll be amazed at the sight of your natural eyelashes. On the one hand, because you are no longer used to seeing yourself without fake eyelashes and on the other hand, because they are probably really thinner, so before. I also had this experience and had to re-grow them with an eyelash serum for months.

I've only been using our DIY eyelash extensions from lashdreams for about a year now and my eyelashes have never looked better! The health of our natural eyelashes is very important to us, which is why we are super happy about our eyelash glue SUPERBOND , which is so low-irritant that anyone can wear it.

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