Goodbye Wimpernstudio, hello DIY lashes

Why DIY eyelash extensions instead of eyelashes from the studio? A comparison.

Nothing beats the confidence a fresh pair of lashes gives us! But if we're honest, salon eyelash extensions can be quite expensive and require a lot of time. Now you have the chance to use high-quality lashes at home with your favorite style in a fraction of the time (& money)! Sounds great, right?

LASHDREAMS is a game changer for busy girls who just want to feel good and beautiful. Our starter kits offer premium quality and contain everything you need to conjure up the look from the eyelash salon in 5 simple steps - without an appointment

“But fake lashes are always such a fiddly thing” - does this sentence sound familiar to you or have you ever said it yourself? With the right equipment and a bit of sensitivity, doing your own eyelashes is so easy - even for the absolute noobs. You'd be surprised! With a little practice, a new pair will only take you five minutes!

Regardless of whether you have had eyelash extensions done in the studio for years, are currently taking a break or have always wanted eyelash extensions but never wanted to afford them, LASHDREAMS is the right thing for you.

Our DIY lashes are suitable for all eye shapes and you decide whether you want to wear them just for one evening or the whole week. you can easily remove your eyelashes at home without damaging your own eyelashes! Your beauty under your conditions.

LASHDREAMS eyelashes have been specially handcrafted to fit under your own eyelashes. They are made into an extremely thin eyelash band and are applied in segments - this makes them adjustable and flexible for you. But don't just believe us, read what our customers say about it:

I love everything about it!
I was done with both eyes in 10 minutes 😍 I love the segments and the black Superbond glue has the perfect consistency and a perfect applicator.
The best thing is: I can wear my glasses without my eyelashes bumping into them so annoyingly. 10 out of 10 👍🏼
Tanya K.

Just the right volume for me. Perfect for the weekend. And I really wouldn't have thought it would be so easy to install. Ann Kathrin M.

My darlings!
The "Eyecatcher - doll eye" are my absolute favorites! Like the other lash styles, they are super comfortable to wear and can be applied quickly and easily with a little practice. I'm absolutely thrilled! An absolute game changer for me on vacation. 
Pia H.

We (and our customers) believe that DIY Lashes is the easiest and most comfortable way to wear eyelash extensions. If Covid has taught us one thing, it's that we no longer need to spend a ton of money to feel and look fabulous. We are now simply our own eyelash stylists.

So what are you waiting for? Try out your starter kit yourself in just a few days ✨

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