Gründe, warum lashdreams eine gute Wahl ist, wenn du auf der Suche nach einer guten Erfahrung mit DIY Wimpernextensions bist

Why DIY eyelashes from LASHDREAMS?

What was completely unknown in this country two years ago has now arrived on the German beauty market. Every make-up artist and makeup artist knows what DIY eyelash extensions are and knows their benefits.

Beauty influencers and product testers present the products on their channels and help drive the eyelash revolution forward.

In 2017, do-it-yourself eyelash extensions were manufactured and sold in the USA for the first time. There are now more and more cosmetic suppliers worldwide who have either specialized in DIY eyelash extensions or have expanded their range with it.

So why should you use DIY lashes from LASHDREAMS? Here are 5 clear reasons:


In our 10-year eyelash career, we have tried out quite a few DIY products. From strip lashes from the drugstore to high-priced DIY lashes from the USA to various German providers of DIY eyelash extensions.

Our goal was to offer the best possible quality for the lowest possible price. Every woman - and of course every man - can feel this way! - achieve the professional look she desires!

Our eyelash band is so fine that it is virtually invisible. The thin band of course also reduces the weight of the lashes, resulting in a weightless wearing experience. Your own eyelashes, just upgraded 😉

Here you can see our eyelashes in comparison:


Our eyelash glue SUPERBOND is really a little miracle ✨

He is

  • extremely low irritation
  • also suitable for allergy sufferers* and still
  • water resistant
  • and lasts 5 to 7 days and sometimes longer!

Specially made in Korea, the country when it comes to skincare and beauty revolution, the glue cannot be compared to the eyelash glues you can buy in the drugstore. We do not use latex, cyanoacrylate or henna paint.

A little goes a long way! The eyelash glue lasts up to 6 months if used frequently. Always close the bottle tightly to prevent it from drying out. SUPERBOND is so worth the money!

*We refer to the top 2 allergies when it comes to eyelash extensions: allergy to cyanoacrylate and black dye ( paraphenylenediamine) . Please always check the ingredients if you are unsure.


  • We avoid single-use plastic and do not use any outer packaging.
  • We use eco shipping boxes according to FSC certification and, if necessary, only environmentally friendly filling material.
  • Our shipping is climate-neutral via DHL Go Green.

Eyelash extensions don't have to involve a lot of junk. Even back when I bought strip lashes at the drugstore, it was a thorn in my side to buy and throw away so much plastic for a pair of eyelashes that I would only wear for a single day . Some DIY eyelash extension providers seal each of their products in a single-use plastic sleeve.

Let's counteract the high plastic consumption together!

Unfortunately, we can't do without plastic completely at the moment, but we only use recycled plastic or cardboard for our shipping packaging and try to reduce where possible.


No animal had to suffer for your eyelash extensions.

Unfortunately, what should now be standard has not yet reached all brands. It's your choice!


Of course it’s a matter of taste 😉

Our DIY eyelash segments are suitable for everyone. Do you like naturalness and the 1:1 extension was your favorite look in the eyelash studio? the everyday is just right for you.

Do you want a sexy cat eye look that still looks natural? eyecatcher - cat eye is your choice!

Do you think doll eyes are the most beautiful? Get the doll eye look with e yecatcher - doll eye .

Do you like drama and volume? Have you always liked eyelash extensions? No question, break your heart makes you the center of attention!

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