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DIY Lashes - also for short / straight eyelashes!

You often ask whether DIY eyelash extensions also work on short and/or straight eyelashes. Yes, they do!

The durability does not depend on the length of your eyelashes. We have many customers who switch from eyelash extensions from the studio to DIY eyelash extensions from lashdreams . Your own eyelashes are often very stressed afterwards and are very fine, thin, short or only a few of your own eyelashes remain. Nevertheless, they last 5 - 7 days.

Even straight eyelashes do not prevent the eyelash segments from holding well. If you find it difficult to apply, simply take an eyelash curler and curl your lashes beforehand - this will allow you to easily reach the lash line from below.

Please remember to only apply the glue to the eyelashes close to the lash line (and to the individual eyelash segments) and not to your lengths - otherwise they can easily stick together. The lengths of DIY eyelash extensions simply look best when they remain nice and fine and fluffy.

Girls with very short eyelashes actually find it easier because the glue can only be applied where it should go. 🙂

Another helpful tip for applying your eyelash extensions at home: take a table mirror. This way you can best see your eyelashes from below and can determine even more precisely where you place the eyelash segments. Some people may also find the 5x magnification on the back helpful.

If your own eyelashes are still very stressed, remember to give your eyelashes a break overnight once a week. This is the quickest way to recover from the strain of eyelash extensions in the studio.

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