DIY Lashes sind wasserfest, wenn du weißt wie.

Are my eyelash extensions waterproof?

Of all the questions I receive from you every day about eyelash extensions, one question comes by far the most often:

Are the DIY eyelash extensions waterproof?

Yes they are! I have now answered this countless times. But follow-up questions often come.

Can I go to the sauna with my lashes?

Are salt and chlorinated water also ok?

Does the DIY eyelash extension stand up to sweat?

Here too the answer is: yes, yes and yes. I notice that there is still a certain amount of uncertainty on your part and that's why I would like to explain to you in detail how you should deal with water contact on your lashes. Hopefully no more questions remain unanswered.

It is very important to me to be 100% transparent and to tell you honestly what and how much you can expect of your eyelashes.

Basically it's like this: When wet, the eyelashes are quite sensitive. Strictly speaking, this is not because of the eyelash segments, but because of the glue that gets wet. Our eyelash glue SUPERBOND is suitable for sensitive eyes and does not harden completely - in contrast to the eyelash glues from the studio. This offers the advantage that you can remove your eyelash extensions easily and gently yourself, and that DIY eyelash extensions are super gentle on your own eyelashes. The natural eyelashes remain flexible.

The downside, of course, is that you have to be careful while your eyelashes are wet. So please don't pull on your eyelashes while they are wet. Sounds logical actually - right? But in reality it looks like this:

You rub your eyes after coming out of the pool/sea

When removing make-up, wipe your wet eyelashes with the facial tissue

In the shower you wash your face with your hands and rub your lashes too roughly

These are all activities that we sometimes don't consciously notice, but which ensure that an eyelash segment can come off more easily.

I also personally avoid warm water completely on my eyes. When I shower, I don't wash my face with it, but wash it separately in the sink, and here too I make sure that I don't get my eyelashes completely wet every time.

Which doesn't mean you shouldn't get your lashes wet! Personally, I prefer this because I simply have to be less careful while the eyelash extensions are wet.

If your DIY lashes are wet, please leave them completely alone! Either you blow dry them, let them air dry, or gently pat them dry with a towel. When the eyelashes are completely dry, you can press them together again with your applicator. And the glue has its effect again 😊

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