Warum du mit DIY Wimpernextensions im Vergleich zu einem Wimpernstudio Geld sparst

Save money with your DIY eyelash extensions 💸

Saving money in everyday life 💸 It always sounds so easy, but it is often more difficult than you think. With many things you simply don't want to forego quality and are therefore happy to spend the necessary money on them.

With DIY eyelash extensions from lashdreams we kill two birds with one stone. We are cheaper than your eyelash studio and you don't have to compromise on quality. On the contrary. 😉

I've been to quite a few eyelash studios and paid pretty much anything between €40 and €150 for my eyelash extensions. Sometimes with very good results and sometimes with less good results. The supposedly high price is totally justified for good studios. You pay for materials, working time, preparation and follow-up including cleaning and disinfection, rental and additional costs and of course for the good training of an eyelash stylist. If you also have a stylist who can create your eyelash extensions exactly how you want them - jackpot.

But even then I always had the following problem: I wanted to take a break from eyelashes or I couldn't make it to my refill appointments. I was addicted! Depending on location, opening times and available appointments at an eyelash studio. Now that was always okay with me as long as I had time off. Luckily, my working model in the office was based on flexitime and I was able to flexibly attend my eyelash appointment whenever I wanted. At some point, however, I became more and more busy with appointments and was only able to attend private appointments without stress from 4 p.m. at the earliest. But then there was also a household, a relationship and a social life that you had to maintain.

With DIY eyelash extensions I am flexible in terms of time. I do the eyelash segments in the comfort of my own four walls in sweatpants whenever the time suits me. Mostly around Friday afternoon or evening, then I always feel fresh for the weekend. If I don't want to have lashes on for a few days, I can remove them myself with oily make-up remover or our REMOVER - without damaging my own eyelashes.

I can also change my styles weekly - or daily if I wanted. From everyday looks to glam, I make new decisions every week.

For a week of eyelash extensions I pay €8 if I buy a big box. If I clean the eyelash segments and use them again, it's only €4 per week. For comparison: A good eyelash studio charges at least 60 euros for a top-up appointment every three weeks. That's at least €20 per week that I spend just on my eyelashes. In addition, there is the time that I have to take on site and for the journey.

I'm definitely repeating myself - but DIY eyelash extensions are my absolute favorite when it comes to beauty hacks and saving money/time. The lashes have enriched my life in every way and I love it when other women say the same. Eyelash studio - nice to know you exist, but I no longer need your services. I am now my own eyelash stylist

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