Wimperncluster von lashdreams

NEW IN! What are cluster lashes?

JUHU, lashdreams not only has two more DIY lash styles in its range today, but also a completely new type: the DIY lash clusters.

The eyelash boxes contain a total of 40 eyelash segments (lash clusters) in three lengths: 10, 12 and 14mm. Respectively

  • 10 segments with a length of 10 mm,
  • 20 segments in length 12 mm and again
  • 10 segments with a length of 14 mm.

With five eyelash segments per eye, a DIY eyelash cluster box contains 4 pairs of eyelashes !


The advantage of DIY eyelash extensions in pre-cut cluster shape:

You can create your own style - new every week.

Cat eye, doll eye, natural look, uniform length. Everything is possible! You can even place several layers of eyelash segments on top of each other - this will give you extra volume if you want.

As always, our DIY eyelash extensions have extremely fine eyelash bands and a natural look. You can wear the eyelash clusters for 5 - 7 days at a time and then reuse them several times if you clean them well.

So what are you waiting for? Try them out and create your first individual eyelash look!

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