Warum DIY Wimpernextensions nicht schädlich sind

Are DIY eyelash extensions harmful to your own eyelashes?

Maybe you've already had this experience with professional eyelash extensions: After wearing fake lashes for years, your own eyelashes look pretty worn out. They are shorter and thinner than before - they may even break off.

During professional eyelash extensions, individual or fan eyelashes are applied to each individual natural eyelash. A single natural eyelash must therefore carry at least twice as much weight. Since you go for refills every 2-4 weeks, your lashes never have a break.

Things are a little different with DIY eyelash extensions. Here the weight of the eyelash segments is distributed across all natural eyelashes. Let's take a typical hair extension at the hairdresser for comparison: The weft method, in which the weight is distributed over a section of hair across the sides and back of the head, is gentler than regular hair extensions with the bonding method, in which individual strands are welded onto thin strands of natural hair. Some hair can handle anything and others are very sensitive. The same goes for eyelash extensions. Personally, I have destroyed my natural hair and eyelashes several times with both heavy hair extensions and eyelash extensions.

I've been using DIY eyelash extensions for two years and my eyelashes are in top shape. It is important that you do not wear your DIY eyelash extensions regularly for longer than 5 - 7 days and that you give your natural eyelashes a night's break every now and then. This gives them time to breathe and grow normally. Also note the following aspects:

1. Go for high quality: Invest in high-quality eyelashes and appropriate eyelash glue to ensure that DIY eyelash extensions are safe and gentle on your own eyelashes.

2. Follow the instructions: Follow our instructions carefully. This describes how to attach it correctly to ensure damage-free wearing.

3. Patience and precision: Haste can lead to mistakes. Take enough time to use it to avoid unwanted results and possible damage.

You are welcome to use an eyelash serum to strengthen your own eyelashes, but this is a matter of taste. Make sure to only use oil-free serums while wearing your DIY eyelash extensions as oil dissolves the adhesive.

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