Die Haltbarkeit von DIY Wimpernextensions verlängern

Extend the life of your DIY eyelash extensions

Our DIY eyelash extensions last 5 - 7 days when applied correctly. But there are also customers who report wearing it for 10 days or longer.

How do you do that? These tips will help you make your eyelash extensions last even longer:

1) Clean your eyelashes before applying the lashes. Residues from care and make-up products shorten the wearing time!

2) Allow the eyelash glue to dry properly after you have applied it. Please do not apply water to the eyelash extensions for the first 24 hours after application .

3) Our eyelash glue is oil-soluble - so please do not use oil-containing care and make-up removal products on your eyes.

4) Incorporate the applicator into your morning and evening routine: Press the eyelash extensions together with the applicator every morning and evening.

5) Use our SEALER . It seals the eyelash extensions and also protects against water and dust.

6) Use as little warm water as possible directly on the eyes. If they get wet, dry them very gently with a towel and wait until they are dry before brushing them again or applying eyeshadow/eyeliner.

7) A segment is loosening, but the rest of your eyelash extensions are still secure? If the segment comes off, take it off and simply put some glue on the lash band & the free space on your lashes. As always, let the glue dry briefly and then apply it again in the same place ! This way you can get a few more days out of it. Here, too, you can then use the SEALER again.

8) Do not place the eyelash segments too close to the inner & outer corners of the eyes . There they inevitably have more contact with our natural tear fluid and therefore don't last as long here.

9) Reduce your eye makeup . Of course, you can put on makeup as normal while wearing the DIY eyelash extensions. The more you put make-up on your eyes, the more you will take off make-up. Daily friction and make-up removal products on the eyes shorten the wearing time.

10) Avoid high humidity and sauna visits. The more humidity prevails, the shorter the wearing time of your DIY eyelashes will be. During our vacation in Las Vegas, we found that our eyelash extensions easily lasted 10 days in the dry desert. However, on the Mediterranean coast in midsummer, we noticed after just 6 days how our eyelashes were slowly coming off.

We must be aware of the following: Our eyelash glue is the best combination of compatibility and longevity that the market currently has to offer.

In principle, we recommend that you do not permanently exceed the wearing time of one week in order not to put unnecessary strain on your eyelashes. Always take a break overnight before applying a new pair of lashes. Healthy natural eyelashes are extremely important to us at lashdreams .

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